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Join us to celebrate this special milestone for our new professors and hear about their inspiring career journeys. 

Francesca Ciccarelli, Professor of Cancer Genetics

Hear about how Professor Ciccarelli and her research group study the changes in the cancer genome.

Cancer is an evolving system that adapts and reacts very rapidly to the changes of the external environment thanks to continuous modifications of its genome throughout the disease course. This ability makes cancer a moving target, difficult to tackle with static monotherapies. 

Rachael Tribe, Professor of Maternal & Perinatal Science

Hear from Professor Tribe on her career journey and how a passion for physiology has culminated in a research programme focussed on understanding mechanisms of term and preterm birth.

She will discuss her research in airway and vascular smooth muscle and how this transformed into an interest in the cellular control of uterine contractions in labour. The latter part of the lecture will cover aspects of Professor Tribe’s and her team's current research related to the female reproductive tract environment and biomarker discovery for prediction of preterm birth.

Event details

Lecture Theatre 1
New Hunt’s House
Great Maze Pond, London, SE1 9RT