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Video recording of the Inaugural Lecture

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Join us to celebrate a special milestone for our new professors and hear about their inspiring career journeys. Doors for this event will open on 16.45 (BST), with the lectures to commence at 16.50. A drinks reception will be held at 18.00 immediately after the lecture.

Professor K Sheng Lim

Pressure, Flow & Dynamics: A journey in Glaucoma


My talk will explore pressure, flow and dynamics as well as look at my journey in glaucoma research. It will cover my background and my research career from my time as a junior doctor, to my research MD at The Institute of Ophthalmology and subsequent post-doctoral fellowship at the Mayo Clinic. It will also highlight my research in human aqueous dynamics and describe my journey to eventually establishing the standalone clinical research unit in the Opthalmology department at St Thomas' Hospital.


Professor K Sheng Lim is a clinical consultant at Guy’s & St Thomas NHS Trust and research professor at King’s College London. His clinical practice specialises exclusively in the management of glaucoma and cataracts. Professor Lim's research interests are in the areas of human aqueous dynamics and treatment strategies of glaucoma, leading a team based at St Thomas’ Hospital with the only active human aqueous dynamic laboratory in Europe.

Professor David Jackson

A Good Time to have Bad Asthma: Adventures in Respiratory Immunology


Asthma affects over 350 million people around the world and in its most severe form is a devastating disease with patients experiencing repeated life-threatening exacerbations. In the majority of cases, attacks are precipitated by simple common cold viruses such as rhinovirus. However, the last few years has been a remarkable period for patients with severe asthma. With an improved understanding of the key players driving the dysregulated immune response in the asthmatic airway, novel therapies targeting specific components of these pathways have been developed. These biologic therapies have led to transformational outcomes for patients and offer the prospect of safe, steroid-free asthma control. This presentation charts the journey from identification of the critical differences underpinning the exaggerated immune response to rhinovirus in asthma, to the widespread use of targeted therapies that appear to normalise this response.


Professor David Jackson received his medical degree from UCL in 2001. During his respiratory clinical training in London, he completed an MSc in Allergy followed by a PhD from Imperial College London in 2013. In 2015, following the creation of specialist commissioned severe asthma centres by NHS England, Professor Jackson was appointed as a full-time consultant to lead the regional severe asthma centre at Guy’s & St Thomas NHS Trust alongside his asthma research. After four years as a full-time consultant, Professor Jackson took a clinical reader position at King’s in 2019. He was promoted to Professor in 2022. Professor Jackson has published over 100 research articles, authored multiple book chapters, and been an invited speaker at all the major International Respiratory Congresses over recent years. He is committed to furthering education and training in asthma and has created several Guy’s-based asthma courses and workshops.

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Lecture Theatre 1, New Hunts House
Guy’s Campus
Great Maze Pond, London SE1 1UL