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King's Forensics event

The presence of illicit substances in wastewaters, such as drugs of abuse or explosives, may be due to their consumption, disposal, or manufacture. Wastewater analysis is already applied for the monitoring of some of these substances, in order to provide information about consumption patterns (wastewater-based epidemiology) and/or pollution risks.

Despite being advocated in the literature, however, the use of wastewater analysis for the investigation of specific crimes, as well as the early discovery of illegal manufacturing centres and criminal cells (i.e., “wastewater-enabled policing” or “wastewater-based forensics”), remains largely unachieved in practice. This is due to numerous and often sensitive challenges.

With a specific focus on explosive materials, we therefore propose an interdisciplinary workshop to promote discussion and coordination between experts across different disciplines (civil engineering, analytical chemistry, computer science, environmental health, and forensic science), in order to elaborate a viable strategy to adapt wastewater analysis to better support law enforcement authorities and other stakeholders.

Note: the event is by invitation only.


The workshop is set to take place in the Old Committee Room (K2.30) in the Strand Campus. 

The Old Committee Room can be accessed by entering through the Strand Campus main entrance. From there, follow the corridor and halfway down the room can be found on the right-hand side. 

At this event


Lecturer in Forensic Chemistry


Reader in Bioanalysis

Erika Castrignano

Principal Analyst


Director King's Forensics

Event details

The Old Committee Room (K2.30)
Strand Campus
Strand, London, WC2R 2LS

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