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Please note: this event has passed

Speaker: Angela Bartlett

Accessing this event

Angela's seminar is accessible via Microsoft teams:

Please join the meeting with your camera and microphones off in the first instance to conserve bandwidth.

All are welcome. However, if you are external to King’s, please contact the event organiser so that they can invite you to the lobby in Teams.


About the speaker

Angela Bartlett is a London NERC DTP PhD student with the Department of Geography. Her interests cover a range of disciplines, including invasion ecology, aquatic catchment management and global change. She is particularly interested in integrating empirical and theoretical research to improve targeting of interventions for environmental challenges we face in a changing world.

Angela's research is focused within the macroecology sub-field, where the development of large ecological datasets and databases is used to explore spatial and temporal patterns in the human-mediated movement of species around the world, and how this filters through to biological invasion processes.

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