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Please note: this event has passed

Speaker: Sandra Jovchelovitch, Professor of Social Psychology, London School of Economics and Political Science

Chair: Beth Heron, Research Manager, King's College London


Violence remains a central dimension in the everyday lives of marginalised communities in Latin America. In this seminar, Sandra will reflect on cultures of violence and their impact on young people’s developmental pathways and decision-making. She will draw on her own experience researching human development in Brazil and Colombia to reflect on the elements that enable youth to find ‘routes of escape’ or alternatively be ‘pulled in’ by violent cultures.

Whereas material, concrete institutional determinants are key to understand these dynamics, Sandra will ask questions about the ways in which cultures of violence form subjectivities, permeating everyday understandings, social relations and ultimately the very moral reasoning of developing selves.  



Sandra Jovchelovitch is Professor of Social Psychology at the London School of Economics and Political Science, where she directs the MSc in Social and Cultural Psychology.

Her research focuses on human development under contextual adversity and the role of culture and societal representations on youth development.

She currently directs an ESRC-Minciencias inter-institutional research partnership examining the impact of forgiveness and reconciliation on individual and community wellbeing in Colombia.

A new edition of ‘Knowledge in Context: Representations, community and culture’ came out with Routledge Classics in 2019.

Sandra Jovchelovitch
Sandra Jovchelovitch