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It All Adds Up: Global Discoveries in Maths

Bush House Arcade, London

04JunA geometric earths on a blue background


Open Monday - Friday 10:00 - 18:00, No Booking Required

From the elegance of geometry to the complexities of calculus, mathematics is a global language that underpins the world around us. Featuring interactive displays and engaging demonstrations, It All Adds Up is an unmissable opportunity for inquisitive minds to delve deeper, through the realm of numbers, patterns, and logic. 

This free curiosity-provoking experience has been imagined and developed by students and academics from the Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Natural, Mathematical & Engineering Sciences at King’s College London, working in collaboration with artist Zarah Hussain, whose practise integrates the pattern-making abilities of conventional mathematics with modern art.

It All Adds Up is an open invitation to explore the mathematical techniques used by ancient civilizations to understand our place in the universe, to contemplate the beauty of infinity, and to consider how our shared understanding of the world unites humankind.

Situated in a discovery space off the newly pedestrianised area of the Strand, explorers will encounter the contributions of mathematicians from across the globe; from the unsung genius of Madhava in Kerala, India to the measurement of the earth in Egypt; from magic squares in Korea, to base twenty in Belize; and the incredible hunt for the elusive ‘einstein shape’ will take them from the sun-drenched palaces of Spain to a seaside town in Yorkshire.

Whether you’re a seasoned mathematician, an intrigued student, or just simply curious, It All Adds Up offers a chance to marvel at the wonders of maths and its profound impact on our lives.

It All Adds Up: Global Discoveries in Maths is produced and supported by King's Culture and funded by The Race Equity Inclusive Education Fund at King's. 

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