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The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed us to re-imagine and re-think the future of our urban life. Policies should be able to address the challenges of how to recover from the global pandemic in a way that makes cities more sustainable, inclusive, and resilient.

In this event, we will have a conversation with the Governor of Jakarta, Dr Anies Baswedan about his perspective on how a post-pandemic city should be governed and whether it is possible to leverage the power of technology and ‘smart’ city to address current challenges and the new realities.

This will be followed by a short presentation by Dr Zahratu Shabrina, introducing the Colouring Indonesia project, a data-driven Decision Support System (DSS) platform as an opportunity to aid urban development and planning in Indonesia, especially post-pandemic. As a part of a global ‘Colouring Cities’ programme, Colouring Indonesia advocates a solution to data accessibility, transparency, and modelling – as an instrument to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities.

We will then conclude with a series of doctoral/post-doctoral research showcases that would highlight the diversity of research focused on the Jakarta Capital Regions. Based on these, we will discuss how research can help inform planning and policymaking in Jakarta and extend our knowledge of the challenges and opportunities in this capital city.


  • Dr Anies Baswedan, Governor of Jakarta Capital Region: Jakarta post-pandemic
  • Dr Zahratu Shabrina, Lecturer in Spatial Data Science, King’s College London: Colouring Indonesia

Research showcase

  • Bimandra Djaafara, PhD Researcher in Infectious Disease Epidemiology Imperial College London: Quantifying COVID-19 transmission dynamics using Jakarta's burial data
  • Rizka Maulida, PhD Researcher in MRC Epidemiology unit, University of Cambridge: Heart health: design cities differently and it can help us live longer.
  • Lukmanul Hakim, PhD Researcher in Education, University of Warwick: Early childhood education expansion: lessons from Jakarta
  • Sandhi Wiedyanoe, PhD Researcher in Engineering and Build Environment, Edinburgh Napier University: The introduction of Automated Vehicles in Jakarta-Indonesia and the policy scenarios
  • Dr Fathiro Hutama Reksa Putra, Research Associate in Institute for Manufacturing, University of Cambridge: Shaping emerging technologies for society: The role of City and Regional leadership in fostering Quantum-enabled Economy

At this event

Zahratu  Shabrina

Lecturer in Geographic Data Science

Event details

Bush House North East Wing
Bush House North East Wing, 30 Aldwych, WC2B 4BG