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"I want to create a safe space for people from all religions and backgrounds to come together, light a candle and pray for those who need it most. Every life lost is equal, no matter what background, race, religion or creed and we must come together, show our compassion and send love to those that are suffering. We must not underestimate the power of prayer and togetherness, and even though many of us may feel helpless, we just cannot give up...let us sit side by side, close our eyes and send out a beautiful energy that can be felt all around the world'. Joseph Tawadros

All are welcome to drop-in for Joseph Tawadros' 24hr world record breaking Oud Solo in the College Chapel at the Strand to raise money for charity - Joseph's target is to raise £24,000 in 24 hours (donate via the link).

Event details

College Chapel, Level 2, King's Building, Strand
The College Chapel
King's College London, Strand, London, WC2R 2LS

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