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Session 1: Lighting Up your LAMP List

In this session

  • 🚀 Understand the impact of a pro-active vs reactive search
  • 🌐 Insights from the UK labour market - high and low growth sectors
  • 🌍 Broaden your perspective - moving beyond the usual suspects
  • 📋 Create your LAMP list of 20 dream employers using our template
  • 🌟 Access our student crowdsourced list of 400 top employers

💡 More Practice or Personal Feedback? Book into one of our in-person Job Search (Wednesday afternoons) or our comprehensive "one and done" Saturday bootcamps, or drop-in at our monthly careerstudios.

🔥Can't wait to get started? Our series is based on the acclaimed "2 hour job Search" by Steve Dalton of designed for Business School students. For a quick intro, listen to Steve share his technique in the Follow MBA podcast. For the full seminar watch Part One recording of Steve delivering his talk at King's Business School.

🚀 Get ready to take charge of your journey! It's time to take back control - see you there!

This programme is open to King's Business School undergraduate and joint honour students only. 

At this event

Leslie Parsons

Senior Careers Consultant (King's Business School)

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