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Please note: this event has passed

At this exhibition, Sonal Kantaria presents ‘Approaching Yamaji Country in Photography and Film: Impact of encounter’. 

This event is in-person.  This event is taking place at Koppel X gallery - 48, Regent Street, Soho, London W1B 5RA.

Starscapes series

The Starscapes series is taken on Yamaji country in 2019 following the passing of Uncle Clarrie alongside other prominent Elders. The trip made in October 2019 to the mid-west of Western Australia meant that there was an evolution in those relationships. Now passed, the Elders whom Sonal had known had become ancestors and therefore being on country seemed to bring me closer to them. The starscapes photographed formed a new way of expressing Sonal's ongoing relationship on Yamaji country and to the ancestor.

The profound space became even more pronounced as Sonal began to photograph the night skies - the lack of pollution, the clarity of the stars, the clear visibility of the Milky Way. The difference between that which the camera could pick up to that of the human eye was immense. The camera recorded shooting stars, a detailed Milky Way and stars that the human eye could not see. The visible large cloudy orbs which the camera recorded were invisible to the eye but alluded to this connection with the ancestor. The formation of the stars became even more pronounced and clear in the photographs.

At this event

Sonal Kantaria

PhD student