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The war in Ukraine had a devastating impact on the country's population, economy and infrastructure. But it has also revealed the resilience of the Ukrainian people, and strengthened international resolve to support Ukraine win the war and aid its reconstruction.

Ahead of the forthcoming Ukraine Recovery Conference in London, Trafalgar Strategy and Dr Alastair Masser, visiting research fellow in the School of Security Studies at King’s College London, are hosting a launch of a special photographic exhibition by renowned conflict photographer Adam Dobby.

Adam Dobby's perspective on war, first as a soldier then as a photographer, has enabled him to tell visual stories in a unique way. He hones in on expressions and faces, and we are able to see into the experience of victims, conscripts, warlords and others caught up in the whirlwind of history.

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Alastair Masser

Visiting Research Fellow

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The Exchange
Bush House North East Wing, Aldwych , WC2B 4BG