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In this presentation, we present a summary of a large cohort study looking at the importance of the neighbourhood social environment for refugee mental health.

A cohort of 44,033 refugees were followed who had originally been housed under the Danish dispersal policy. Because housing was assigned without any face-to-face contact with officials, the effect of the neighbourhood could be examined independently of individual characteristics.

The results show how different types of neighbourhood social environments relate to a range of subsequent mental disorders, and discuss the implications for services and future policy approaches.

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About the speaker

Peter Schofield is a Senior Lecturer in Population Health in the Faculty of Life Sciences and Medicine at King’s College London. He uses mixed methods approaches combining advanced statistical methods with in-depth qualitative analysis to study how the social environment shapes our experience of mental disorders. Recently, he has been working on an MRC study investigating the role of place in refugee mental health and helped set up the Refugee Mental Health & Place Network.

This event is organised by the Refugee Mental Health and Place Network and co-sponsored by the ESRC Centre for Society and Mental Health.

We would like all events to be inclusive and accessible. Please do not hesitate to contact us by email to to let us know if you have any access requirements or to find out more about this session.

More information

Refugee Mental Health and Place Network

We are a growing network of researchers and community organisations exploring post-migration factors and refugee mental health. We seek to strengthen interdisciplinary expertise and intersectoral capacity to inform health and social policy to help improve mental health outcomes for refugees and asylum seekers. Read more in our recent blog on Understanding the role of place in refugee mental health to inform policy.

Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS) Directory for Refugees and Migrants in London

The MHPSS Directory is a broad and detailed list of organisations providing mental health and social support services to migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in London and Greater London. Click here to find out more and to download the directory.

ESRC Centre for Society and Mental Health

The ESRC Centre for Society and Mental Health develops research to promote and sustain good mental health in communities. We aim to shift public debate about mental health away from a focus on individualised interventions, towards social practices and policies that promote and sustain good mental health.

At this event

Hanna Kienzler

Professor of Global Health

Peter  Schofield

Senior Lecturer in Population Health