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Looking through the fog of war: Interdisciplinary lenses - 8 June 2022

Please note that this event has passed.

This event will see researchers examine a wide range of contemporary issues around the study of war. What theoretical and methodological tools can we mobilise in the fog of war? How has war, and the study of war, been transformed? What are the ethical and legal implications? And what is the answer to militarism?

Showcasing the breadth of the International Relations and Ethics research theme, the speakers will seek to provide an answer through the lenses of international law, ethics, feminist foreign policy, critical security studies, postcolonial theory, art and science and technology studies. 

About the panel

Our interdisciplinary panel brings together scholars from the IR & Ethics research theme who approach the study of war through various creative transdisciplinary and methodological tools. Our interdisciplinary lenses span feminism, postcolonialism, critical security studies, art, international law, ethics and sociology to shed critical light on continuity and change in the study of war and conflict.  

  • Chair: Dr Alvina Hoffmann, Lecturer in International Relations, Department of War Studies. 

  • Return to Mount Olympus: The Protean nature of Jus Cogens Norms and the conflict in Ukraine - Francisco Lobo, PhD Candidate, Department of War Studies.

  • Mimetic rivalry: A matrix of the War on Terror and its discursive strategies? - Professor Didier Bigo, Professor of International Relations, Department of War Studies.

  • Even in the fog of war, understanding the ethical dimension is crucial - Professor Mervyn Frost, Professor of International Relations, Department of War Studies.

  • On totalitarian war and the postcolonial international- Professor Vivienne Jabri, Professor of International Politics, Department of War Studies.

  • What is the work of art for violence against women? - DrLola Frost, Visiting Research Fellow, Department of War Studies.

  • The making of an unknown enemy: Cyberwar in practice - Lilly Mueller, PhD Candidate, Department of War Studies.

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Event details

8 June 2022