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Manuscript and print culture of Mexico in British collections


06Jun20240606 Manuscript and Print Culture of Mexico in British Collections

*The seminars will be held in Spanish with English subtitles.


The video conference series entitled "Manuscript and Print Culture of Mexico in British Collections" convenes four sessions devoted to the examination of Mexican books, documents, or collections presently archived within UK repositories. This scholarly initiative is jointly co-organized by the Centre for Mexican Studies UNAM-UK and the Interdisciplinary Bibliology Seminar, belonging to the Institute for Bibliographic Research UNAM (SIB, IIB), in collaboration with the Tonalá University Centre of the University of Guadalajara, and the Program of History of the Mexican Documental Heritage UNAM (PHPDM, IIB).

One of the primary aims of this series is to foster interdisciplinary engagement among Mexican specialists in book history, with a particular emphasis on Mexican collections and publications housed in the United Kingdom. This endeavour will facilitate the integration of knowledge regarding book studies and publishing in Mexico with the context of documentary heritage abroad. By doing so, it will serve to enhance the dissemination of intellectual contributions by Mexican scholars, and to promote a more comprehensive understanding of the cultural wealth of Mexico within the UK.

June 6

"Mesoamerican Codex in UK Collections", Dr. Tesiu Rosas Xelhuantzi.

June 11

"Colonial Prints of the 17th and 18th Centuries in UK Libraries", Dr. Manuel Suárez.

June 13

"Collecting of Mexican Documents of the 19th Century in UK Libraries", Dr. Pablo Avilés.

June 18

"The Historical Memory of Acolhuacan and Chalcayotl: The Endangered Archives Programme of the British Library", Mtro. Javier Eduardo Ramírez López.

Note: The seminars run from 10:00 to 17:00 on the above-mentioned dates.

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