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Mitosis and morphogenesis in epithelial tissues - 20 March 2019

Please note that this event has passed.

Mitosis and Morphogenesis in epithelial tissues. 

Speaker: Dr Yohanns Bellaïche, Institut Curie, CNRS, Paris France.

Group Leader and Deputy Director of the Genetics and Developmental Biology Department.

Recent work from my lab has defined novel principles regulating mitosis and epithelial tissue dynamics. We achieved this by combining state of the art methods at the interface between physics and biology, and by developing novel interdisciplinary tools to explore epithelial morphogenesis from the subcellular to the tissue scale. I will present our latest works that aim to understand the coordination between morphogenesis and cell division in epithelial tissues. In particular, I will focus on the mechanisms of mitotic spindle orientation, propagation of cell polarization through division and how cell division impacts on the global shape and organization of epithelial tissue.

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