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Multiplexed image-based drug screening in patient tissues for systems immunology and oncology

Speaker: Professor Dr Berend Snijder, ETH Zurich

Cellular life is complex. It is the result of a near-endlessly optimized dynamic molecular network where cells, their genomes, genes, proteins, metabolites, lipids, and the environment all continuously interact and influence each other in an intricate molecular dance. Complicating matters, we can typically only measure a small subset of the relevant players at the same time.

To decipher how cells work we, therefore, take a top-down point of view, focusing on combining large-scale functional data from image-based screens with large-scale molecular measurements, such as genome-wide transcript abundance and quantitative lipidomics measurements. This integration ensures that we start from a functional point of view, asking what functional differences there are between cells or between individual people, and then apply unbiased OMICs approaches to find and validate those systems that best explain our observations. 

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Seminar Room, Floor 28, Tower Wing, Guy's Hospital
Guy’s Hospital
Guy’s Hospital, St Thomas Street, London, SE1 9RT