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Never at Sea is a creative intervention at the St Mary le Strand Church which explores the intersection between forced migration and climate change. Over six days, against the backdrop of a film, sound and sculptural installation, McMillan and her co-collaborators will present a series of talks, symposia and performances.

The project explores the role of creativity in creating a safe space for empathy, imagination, interdisciplinary conversations and collaborations around often divisive issues. The project has been developed in collaboration with the Refugee Council, King's Sanctuary Programme and King's Culture, King's College London.

NOTE** There will be a performance from 7-7.45 during which time no late entries wil be admitted.

Opening Night: Wednesday 21st June 6-8.30pm

Artist, Creative Director Kate McMillan

Composer, Cat Hope

Choreographer, Sivan Rubinstein

Percussionist, Louise Devenish

Vocalist, Marcia Lemke-Kern

Sound, Decibel Ensemble & Ruthless Jabiru

Dancer, Lydia Walker

Director of Photography, Ric Rifici & Kate McMillan

Producers, Emma Pegrum, Treacle Holasz, Manon Luquand & Kate McMillan

Technical Production, Keegan Curran

Technicians, Matthew Hunt

Actors, Amelia Mangelsdorf, Poppy Breed, Fasika Girmay, Frances Wylie

Essayist, Kate Pickering

Partners: King’s Culture; Science Gallery London; St Mary le Strand Church; Lewisham Refugee Resettlement Program, Refugee Council; King's Sanctuary Programme

Funders: AHRC, Department for Culture, Media and Creative Industries and King’s Culture, King's College, London, Sir Zelam Cowen School of Music & Performance, Monash University & Australian Research Council

Special Thanks: Rev, Peter Babington, Karen Little, Alexander Warder MacEwan, Lana Churchill, Alison Jopp, Margaret Moore & Moore Contemporary, Matthew Hunt, Nicole Mennell, Jacqueline Freakes, Kristyn Mitchell, Alison Duthie, Leanne Hammacott, Kelly Lovelady

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Senior Lecturer in Creative Practice

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St Mary le Strand
Strand, London, WC2R 1ES