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Organelle remodelling: from cell division to viral assembly - 19 January 2021

Please note that this event has passed.

Speaker: Dr Jeremy Carlton, Senior Research Fellow and Group Leader, the Francis Crick Institute

Host: Gareth Jones

As well as containing genetic material and being structured by a cytoskeleton, our cells are packed full of membrane bound organelles that compartmentalise biochemical activities and allow cells to properly function. During cell division, these organelles need to be properly distributed and inherited by daughter cells. Some organelles, for example the nuclear envelope, must be disassembled upon entry into the division phase so that genome segregation can occur, and then reassembled in daughter cells as cell exit the division phase. Here, we explore roles for the ESCRT machinery in regenerating the nuclear envelope and explore how its activity is regulated by cell-cycle control programmes. In a second part of the talk, I will discuss recent work from our laboratory exploring how the biology of organelles and the membrane trafficking pathways that cells use for communication between different organelles are hijacked by SARS-CoV-2 to facilitate its assembly and egress.

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