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Orphan Mothers is a documentary produced by community activists in Rio de Janeiro with the support of The Transnational Law Institute. It is directed by journalist and film-maker Patrick Granja and features MC Leonardo and several mothers of the most affected communities in Rio who have joined forces to fight the scourge of police lethality in their communities.

Following the screening of the film there will be a Q&A session with Patrick Granja, director; MC Leonardo, rapper and community activist; Ana Paula Gomes de Oliveira, mother; Irone Maria Santiago, mother and Vitor Santiago Borges, survivor of police shooting.

This is the premiere of the documentary being shown in the UK. Police intervention in poor communities in Brazil has resulted in the loss of 6,416 people in 2020. In comparison, in the US, 1,021 people were shot dead by police in the same year.

We hope you will be able to join us for this important and impactful film and hear from those directly involved in its creation.

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