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In the last decade, far-right parties and candidates have experienced surging popularity around the globe.

In countries like France, Spain, the UK, Austria, Germany, and Italy, nationalist parties, leaders and politicians have risen in significance, gaining power and influence in legislative bodies and political conversations.

In the United States, the highest political office was held for four years by Donald Trump, a man who argued in his campaign for a total ban on the entry of Muslims and called immigrants from central America “animals” and the “worst people” of their countries of origin.

Meanwhile, candidates like Marine Le Pen, Boris Johnson, and Matteo Salvini have stoked controversy by marginalising immigrant communities and promoting nationalist political agendas.

So what was behind this unprecedented groundswell in support? Is every person who voted for Trump, Le Pen, or Johnson racist? What is the role of race in politics? Have white, working-class people been left behind in the progress of globalisation?

Fierce debate has emerged in the last few years over these controversial questions, so the KCL Department of Political Economy diversity and inclusion ambassador group invites you to join a panel of expert scholars to explore these questions and many more, no matter your perspective on these issues.

Diversity of thought (thanks Matt Hancock!) is welcome, especially as audience members have the opportunity to submit questions in advance or during the event for the panel.


Joining the panel, we welcome KCL’s own Dr. John Narayan, Dr Lisa Palmer of De Montfort University’s Stephen Lawrence Institute, and Dr Maya Goodfellow from University College London.

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John Narayan

Senior Lecturer in European and International Studies