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This talk will delve into the complex realm of Taliban rule after NATO's departure from Afghanistan in 2021.

It will explore the complex relationship between security concepts and political stratagems, revealing how security policies are intricately woven into the political landscape and examine their significant effects on the stability and legitimacy of governance.

It will also examine the changing and complex ties between the Taliban-led administration and the global world using a wide-angle lens. The talk will delve further into the repercussions of security measures, adeptly identifying their profound impact on both regional stability and international diplomatic relations.

In addition, it will thoroughly assess the measures and strategies put in place to address socioeconomic disparities, evaluating their impact on the wider society. Finally, this talk will shed light on the complex interplay between the Taliban-led government, ethnic-religious minority groups, and political parties, examining the subtle dynamics within political entities.

In addition to comprehensive domestic and international literature, the talk will detail the interviews conducted with Taliban members, former government officials, as well as students and civil society members.


Wahid Watanyar is a Germany-based political scientist. He holds a PhD from the Institute of Political Science of the University of Heidelberg. Dr Watanyar was born in Afghanistan and moved to Germany in 2001. Following his high school education, he delved into South Asian politics and literature, earning a bachelor's degree from the University of Heidelberg. Thereafter, he pursued advanced studies, obtaining a master’s in political science and subsequently completing a doctoral program at the Institute of Political Science within the same university

He is the author of Die politischen Parteien Afghanistans (Nomos, 2023), which focuses on the emergence, continuation and dissolution of political parties in Afghanistan. His second book, titled, Post-NATO Afghanistan: Governance, Legitimacy and Politics of the Taliban offers a detailed and meticulous reading of the Taliban’s ascent to power, their transformation from a militant group to a governmental actor and their policies.

Dr Watanyar’s research interests revolve around empirically exploring insurgent and rebel groups, and post-conflict state and institution-building. Apart from academia, he has engaged with prestigious organizations like the Bertelsmann Foundation and The V-Dem Institute as a country expert. He speaks Pashto, Dari (Afghan Farsi), Urdu/Hindi, German and English.

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Anatomy Museum
Strand Building
Strand Campus, Strand, London, WC2R 2LS