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Room: WBW 2.19. Coffee and biscuits provided, and feel free to bring your lunch. The session is hybrid if you would like to join on Teams: Click here to join the meeting

In this session, Dr Emma Towers and Dr Mili will discuss their findings from a recent research study undertaken in collaboration with five postgraduate student researchers (who will also join Emma and Mili in presenting the research – TBC). The study aims to understand how student identity shapes learning experiences, students’ sense of belonging, and their academic attainment in a multicultural higher education learning context. The study found that students experienced significant shifts and effects to their identities over the course of their studies in ways that significantly influenced their learning. They engaged in 'identity bargaining', either amplifying or underemphasising aspects of their identities, to gain what they felt is a form of cultural capital that helps engage more fully in the HE space. The session will conclude with some implications for practice and pedagogy of higher education teachers.

About the speakers

A Lecturer in Education Policy at King’s College London, Dr Emma Towers previously taught for more than 10 years in London primary schools. Since then, she has collaborated on research projects here at the School of Education, Communication & Society and at UCL Institute of Education. Emma’s research focuses on Teachers’ lives and teacher wellbeing; Teacher retention and teacher identity; Urban primary school education and education policy; and Postgraduate student learning experiences and learner identities.

A Lecturer in Education at King’s College London, Dr Mili previously worked as a postdoctoral fellow as part of the Transnational Research Group on Poverty and Education in Modern India at the German Historical Institute, London. She worked on a project examining the socio-scientific theories that underpin child-centred education policy directives of the Indian government. Mili’s research interests are in philosophical and empirical enquiry into teachers’ professional knowledge and expertise, professionalism in state run schools, and public system reforms.

*Emma and Mili will also joined by student researchers involved in the project (TBC)

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Event details

WBW 2.19
Waterloo Bridge Wing, Franklin Wilkins Building
Stamford Street, SE1 9NH