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Race in education: using a Butlerian framework to explore the performativity of race

Franklin-Wilkins Building, Waterloo Campus, London

11 Nov Prof Charlotte Chadderton Part of CPPR Lunchtime Seminars

During this seminar Professor Chadderton will explore how Judith Butler’s work can provide a lens for understanding and challenging fixed notions of race in education.

Butler tends to be best known for her work on gender and sexuality. Many of her arguments and ideas are in fact very relevant to debates around race and racism.  The work of Butler, with its focus on the operation of power, the formation of the subject, the workings of marginalisation, and the non-ontological status of norms offers a framework to both theorise and challenge issues such as racial and cultural essentialisation and the way in which race comes to be understood as real and natural.

Following Butler, Professor Chadderton argues that race can be seen as a hegemonic constituting norm in education and can function as a performative.

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