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'Sentinels' tells the story of a group of young Colombians whose case against deforestation resulted in legal rights being granted to protect the Amazon rainforest.

Whilst they were victorious in court, the consequences of the judgement were severe for subsistence farming communities who lived in the Amazon.

The film will be introduced by Mark Knightley, Actor and Theatre Maker, Crowded Room, and the panel will be Chaired by Dr Emily Barritt, Senior Lecturer in Environmental Law and Co-Director of Transnational Law Institute at King’s. 

This screening forms part of the 2023 London Design Biennale talks and events series. A shorter extract of 'Sentinels' can be seen at the King's 'Seeking Connection' pavilion. Find out more here.



Credits & Supporters

Starring Lucía Michiels
Directed and screenplay by Mark Knightley
Produced and conceived by Dr Emily Barritt
Cinematography by Jamie Partridge
Original music by Jonathan Charles
CGI by Kieran West
Dramaturgy by Harriet Madeley
Translation by Dr Tessa Roberts
Interviewees: Laura Jiménez Ospina, Gabriela Eslava, Valentina Rozo Ángel, Ariadna Haydar Chams, Yurshell Yanishey Rodríguez Hooker, Aderly Rolando Chamorro Rubio
Thanks to John Clemence, Andrew and Ann Martin and James Maclaren.
Produced by Crowded Room and King's College London
Funded by Transnational Law Institute, King's College London and Arts Council England
The Dickson Poon School of Law

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Emily Barritt

Senior Lecturer in Environmental Law

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