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Welcome to Be At King’s

What does it mean to belong to King’s College London?

COVID has changed the way we work, study, and live. As we settle into a new normal, many of us are searching for ways to connect with others, to build close relationships, and feel a sense of belonging to the wider university community.

As our university is always changing, we all have a chance, even a responsibility, to shape our shared community.  Our Principal, Professor Shitij Kapur, has provided us with an exciting opportunity: an open invitation to suggest ways to strengthen the community at King’s.  

What would you like to see changed to help you feel you belong at King’s?  

This might be something small, something linked to your own department, or something related to the Students’ Union. It might be something huge, like re-designing the campus layout. It might be changes to the physical space or how people interact.

All ideas and suggestions are welcome. Directing change can feel challenging. How does one person change a community of thousands? Our small team are listening, and we believe Margaret Mead who said: 


 “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

Margaret Mead

So, what would you like to change to improve belonging and build a sense of community at King’s?  

Have your say.

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What will you do with my ideas?

All ideas collected here will be collated and shared back with the King’s community, including senior leadership who will identify ideas to take forwards.  

But BE @ KING’s don’t just want to collect ideas. We want to turn ideas into reality. We will review ideas, to identify those that might be implemented within a small team and invite you to collaborate with us through a series of tailored ideas development workshop, designed in collaboration with the King’s Business School, to turn your idea into reality.   

How can I get involved?

How about using this online form to share your idea with us?

Hum, can’t I do more here?  

Well yes! Yes, you can. We are a tiny little team. We’d love to hear from as many people as possible right across King’s. There are lots of ways everyone can help make this happen.  

Are you a student?  

Would you like to join us as a BE Ambassador? We are recruiting a small team of students to work with us, in paid roles, to facilitate creative conversations among peers around belonging at King’s. Do get in touch, email 

Do you teach?

Wonderful. Can you weave some discussion of belonging into your teaching? Can you ask your students what it means to Belong at King’s? Can you create space in your teaching to allow students to explore the challenges to belonging at King’s and talk together about possible solutions?   

Are you a personal tutor?  

Can you open up a question about Belonging at King’s with your tutees? You might ask them whether they feel they belong at King’s and if there is anything they believe we could do together that might make it easier to connect.  

Are you a researcher?  

Does your work in some way tell us something about Belonging? We are keen to hear ideas from all perspectives and keen to engage in the broadest possible dialogue. What does Belonging mean for you? 

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