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Burton Lectures

The Burton Lectures began in the 1970s and many distinguished academics have participated over the years.

About Burton

Professor Harold Burton was Head of the Department of Chemistry from 1947 until his death in 1966. By the research which he directed he quickly built up the reputation of the chemistry department. He planned for the introduction of the specialist courses in Chemistry which started in October 1966 and also for a great expansion in teaching and research.

The Harold Burton Fund was established for the promotion of Chemistry in the College, which included an annual lecture. 

Previous speakers

1970 Prof. G. Wilkinson F.R.S.
1971 Dr. M. Perutz, F.R.S.
1972 Prof. C.A. Coulson, F.R.S.
1973 Prof. Sir Derek Barton, F.R.S.
1974 Prof. Sir George Porter, F.R.S.
1975 Prof J. Lewis, F.R.S.
1976 Prof. Dorothy Hodgkin, F.R.S.
1977 Prof. Sir Frederick Dainton, F.R.S.
1978 Prof. R.J.P. Williams, F.R.S.
1979 Prof. A.. Battersby
1980 Prof. Sir Rex Richards, F.R.S.
1981 Prof. J. Chatt, F.R.S.
1982 Prof. R.A. Raphael, F.R.S.
1983 Prof V. Gold, F.R.S.
1984 Prof E.A.V. Ebsworth
1985 Prof. J.E. Baldwin, F.R.S.
1986 Prof. G.W. Gray, F.R.S.
1987 Prof. M.F. Lappert, F.R.S.
1988 Prof G. Eglinton, F.R.S.
1989 Prof. A.R. Fersht, F.R.S.
1990 Prof. L. Hough
1991 Prof N.N. Greenwood, F.R.S.
1992 Prof. C.W. Rees, F.R.S.
1993 Prof. D. Phillips
1994 Prof. P. Day, F.R.S.
1995 Prof. R. Freeman, F.R.S.
1996 Prof. S. Ley, F.R.S.
1997 Prof H.A.O. Hill, F.R.S.
1998 Prof. J.N. Murrell, F.R.S.
1999 Prof. G. Pattenden
2016 Prof. Christopher A Hunter, F.R.S.
2017 Prof. Jason W. Chin, F.Med.Sci.
2018 Prof. Sabine L. Flitsch
2019 Prof. Andrew Orr-Ewing, F.R.S.

Upcoming events in the Burton Lectures

10 Mar

Burton Lecture 2021

10 March 2021, 16:00 to 17:00

The 2021 Burton Lecture will be delivered by Professor James H Naismith, FRS FRSE FMedSci.