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The Centre for the Physical Science of Life Seminar Series is the flagship seminar series for King’s College London’s Centre for the Physical Science of Life, providing a platform to coalesce expertise across our faculty in creative fusions of natural, mathematical and engineering sciences.

Our ambition is to solve the fundamental challenge of modern biology; bridging the gap between current biomolecular and systems level descriptions of biological phenomena.

Every month, we host a speaker to discuss a new research idea and participate in an audience Q&A. We encourage speakers to engage with colleagues on research related to centre's vision of revolutionising understandings of life by realising the transformative power of physical science in advancing knowledge of the fundamental mechanisms underlying living systems across scales.

Details of how to join will be listed on each event listing.

We thank the Biochemical Society for sponsorship of our four “Molecular Biosciences@Physical of Life” seminars.