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A collaboration between King's Water Centre and the IWMI (Water, Growth and Inclusion).

The ever-present relationship between large river basins and development has been a feature of global political economy for hundreds of years. A recognizable ‘water crisis’ narrative emerged in the last few decades of the 20th Century, which shifted attention to improving water governance and considering systems interconnectedness within these basins – a concept epitomised, perhaps, in the water-energy-food nexus debates within policy circles and at key global water events. Yet these relatively technocratic narratives have sat somewhat uneasily alongside wider discourse on values, the politics of contestation, everyday struggles for water security and, increasingly, actions taken to tackle climate change.

This webinar series examines the wider theme of valuing water from a political economy perspective and with respect to a selection of the world’s key river basins and regions.

Embedded in concerns and challenges of water are global politics of trade, shifting geopolitics, aid siloes, climate security and post-colonial legacies. These processes of complex value (re)construction, absorption and contestation are beginning to shape river basin systems in new ways. Extending our thinking beyond the ‘water box’, we invite a range of speakers from multiple fields to join the conversation in a relaxed and fairly informal atmosphere. Please sign up, jump in and contribute your thoughts! We also welcome suggestions for future webinar topics and speakers.

Project leads

Dr Naho Mirumachi, King’s Water, Department of Geography, King’s College London
Dr Alan Nicol, Strategic Program on Water, Growth and Inclusion, International Water Management Institute (IWMI)

Project members

Valentine Deroche, Department of Geography, King’s College London
Dr Diana Suhardiman, Governance and Inclusion, IWMI
Upandha Udalagama, IWMI

This project is partially funded by the PLuSAlliance.

Contact us

Please contact Naho Mirumachi for more information.

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