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Climate Law and Governance at King's is concerned with investigating and evaluating legal and governance frameworks for climate change policy across different countries, across different sectors and cultures. Current research in the School is examining governance modalities for the mobilisation of climate finance and technology, how climate change is adjudicated in the courtroom and how it can disrupt dominant legal and decision-making frameworks.

The Climate Law and Governance Reading Group is a student-led initiative that aims to provide a forum for reflective and critical interdisciplinary discussion on climate law and governance for climate specialists affiliated with King's. Through monthly readings and group discussions, participants are invited to engage with topics that lie beyond, but are related to, their areas of expertise. The aim of the reading group is to investigate legal and governance frameworks from various disciplinary perspectives and challenge participants’ assumptions and ideas in a constructive way. The group also serves as a networking platform for climate researchers affiliated with King’s, allowing potential collaborators to meet and exchange ideas.