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Organised annually by the Department of Chemistry, the King’s Daniell Lectures are aimed at teachers and school students from the ages of 15 - 18 who are interested in studying Chemistry at university.

The lectures are delivered by internationally renowned scientists and cover a topic of current interest and excitement. Speakers are chosen not only for their outstanding contribution to modern scientific knowledge, but also for their ability to communicate and engage young people and non-expert audiences in their research.

Although these free talks are aimed at budding scientists - particularly those studying A level chemistry, GCSE students and undergraduates, as well as wider audiences are also very welcome.


About Professor Daniell

The Daniell Lecture Series is held in memory of Professor John Frederic Daniell, who was appointed the first Professor of Chemistry at King's College London in 1831. The first chemical laboratory was founded a few years later in 1834. Daniell remained at King's until 1845 and in 1846 the Daniell Scholarship was founded in his honour. Daniell invented the first electrochemical cell, laying down the foundations of the study of electrochemistry and hence influencing the study of Physical Chemistry. Today, the cell named after him, the 'Daniell Cell', can be found in Chemistry textbooks in schools and colleges around the world. The Daniell Lecture Series has been running at King’s College London for almost 30 years, with the first Daniell lecture delivered in 1995.


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