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It is a turbulent time in world affairs. From the resurgence of great power competition to the disruptive potential of technological innovation, from the rise of regressive nationalism to threats posed by climate change, multiple challenges are putting considerable strain on the institutions that have been responsible for maintaining peace, stability and prosperity for decades. Old notions of order are being challenged leading in some quarters to a pervading sense of disorder and even crisis.

In this conference, scholars from across the School of Security Studies will share their work aimed at understanding the nature and implications of the disruptive forces that are reconfiguring our world, for better and for worse, as well as how these might be navigated. The eight panels, bringing together established academics and emerging voices, will address issues including:

  • Surveillance and privacy in times of crisis
  • The challenges to democratic governance
  • Health security and intelligence
  • The rise of populism and erosion of democracy
  • Post-conflict reconstruction
  • Changing world order(s)
  • The UK government’s Integrated Review
  • UK foreign and security policy after Brexit