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Hosted since 2013, Wheatstone Lecture is the flagship lecture series for the the Department of Physics. The event brings together distinguished academics, allowing them to delve into pivotal research topics within their respective fields. 


About Sir Charles Wheatstone

Sir Charles Wheatstone FRS (1802-75) was Professor of Experimental Philosophy at King's and was the first Professor in the Department from 1834 until he died in 1875. Polymath and self-taught son of a London-based musical instrument maker, Wheatstone conducted early experiments into acoustics and the transmission of sound. His greatest achievement was the development of the electric telegraph, which revolutionised communications in the 19th century.  

Past speakers:

2023 - Professor Viola Vogel - 'Why the mechanical design of proteins matters: from the discovery of physical principles towards the clinic'.

2021 - Sir Peter Knight - 'What's Quantum Technology?'

2020 - Professor Stefan Hell - 'MINFLUX Nanoscopy: Superresolution Post Nobel.'

2019 - Professor Naomi Halas - Rice University 'From Faraday to tomorrow: nanoscale optics for sustainability and societal impact.'

2018 - Professor Ian Walmsley FRS - University of Oxford' Building quantum machines out of light.'

2017 - Professor Miles Padgett (University of Glasgow) 'How many pixels does your camera have?'

2016 - Professor Jenny Nelson (Imperial College London) 'New materials for solar to electric energy conversion: Opportunities and challenges.'

2015 - Professor Nader Engheta (University of Pennsylvania) 'From Wheatstone Bridge to Optical Nanocircuitry.'

2014 - Professor Peter J Dobson OBE (The Queen's College Oxford) 'Nanotechnology and a legacy of Sir Charles Wheatstone.'

2013 - Sir David N Payne KBE FRSFREng (University of Southampton) Enlightening the world'