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The Lecture Series in Practical Agency features some of the most exciting recent work on philosophical issues related to agency, responsibility, freedom and autonomy. The series aims to bring together scholars working in different areas of research, including moral philosophy, legal and political theory, philosophy of action and moral psychology, but also criminal law theory, private law theory and medical ethics.


Each session consists of a 45m presentation, followed by discussion. These are in-person only events and we welcome anyone with an interest in this area. Please register your attendance following the links below.


2023-24 Programme:

17 Oct 2023 | Robert Noggle (Central Michigan University)

8 Nov 2023 | Carolina Sartorio (Rutgers University)

24 Jan 2024 | Kurt Sylvan (University of Southampton)

6 Mar 2024 | Laura Valentini (Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich)