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The notion of solidarity is often invoked in a wide range of public discourses. Yet, it is not clear what it entails. What exactly is the concept of solidarity and what does it mean to 'act in solidarity with others'?

Our panel will reflect on the idea of solidarity in their research. Drawing on feminist foreign policy, risk/threat perception, and art practices that allow anti-identarian practices of ‘being-in-common', we put solidarity at the centre of our conversation with the aim of better understanding what it means and whether it can help us in the project of re-imagining communities in a post pandemic world.


  • Maria Jellinek, PhD Researcher, Department of War Studies
  • Rebekka Friedman, Senior Lecturer in International Relations, Department of War Studies


  • Some challenges for solidarity: the mind’s perspective - Dr Eitan Oren, Teaching fellow, Department of War Studies
  • Being-in-common-without-identity - Dr Lola Frost, Visiting Research Fellow and former Artist in Residence, Department of War Studies
  • Care and empathy in feminist foreign policy - Karoline Faerber, PhD Researcher, Department of War Studies

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Maria  Jellinek

PhD Candidate

Rebekka  Friedman

Senior Lecturer in International Relations

Eitan Oren

Lecturer in War Studies Education

Lola  Frost

Research Fellow

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