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Communication following a positive newborn bloodspot screening result – the ReSPoND study

Dr Chudleigh will present the ReSPoND study, a mixed-methods study using four phases, with defined outputs underpinned by Family Systems Theory and using the principles of Experience-based Co-design to develop, implement and evaluate new interventions to improve the delivery of initial positive newborn bloodspot screening results to parents. The importance of providing a more consistent, ‘best practice’ approach, not just in the UK but perhaps globally will be discussed as well as the applicability of these findings to other scenarios.

About the speakers

Dr Chudleigh is a registered children’s nurse. Her post-doctoral work was undertaken with the London Cystic Fibrosis Collaboration; this developed her interest in newborn bloodspot screening and cystic fibrosis. Dr Chudleigh is currently leading the evaluation of SCID screening in England and the evaluation of the proposal to include next generation sequencing in the newborn bloodspot screening protocol for cystic fibrosis.

About the seminar series 

The Cicely Saunders Institute Open Seminar Series events are free to attend.

This seminar is worth CPD (1 credit) pending from the Royal College of Physicians.

The series aim is to optimise opportunities for local, national and international networking within palliative care and rehabilitation. We facilitate seminars to assist in improving practice, education and policy, and the integration of research and clinical endeavours.