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Please note: this event has passed

Join this event to learn more about the experiences of students from forced migration backgrounds in UK Higher Education.

This talk explores the findings of two Sanctuary Programme research projects undertaken by Master's students and Sanctuary Interns, Jessica Hong and Najat Al-Katheri.

The talk is divided in two discussions. The first discussion explores Jessica’s project, titled: The Educational Journeys of Forced Migrants in the UK. This project focusses on student experiences in UK HE based on their perceptions and interactions with the English language. It identifies three key trends:

  1. The perceptions of the English language as a barrier are largely based on students’ countries of origin
  2. English educational resources for sanctuary students are inadequate in the UK
  3. Sanctuary students are overall satisfied by the support received throughout their higher education journey

The second discussion explores Najat’s project, titled: The educational experience of forced migrant students at King’s College London. This project focussed on exploring the experiences of forced migrant students at King's College London within the UK's hostile environment. It informs broader global research on forced displacement in higher education, including addressing:

  1. Challenges students from forced migratory backgrounds face both in accessing higher education and throughout their academic journey at King’s.
  2. Awareness of the support available at King’s
  3. Support students received to navigate those challenges/ satisfaction with the support they received
  4. Social integration (Involvement in extracurricular activities, making friendships, sense of belonging, support networks).
  5. Future aspirations

This discussion will be chaired by Dr Leonie Ansems de Vries, Director of the King’s Sanctuary Programme

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