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"Climate change is the defining issue of our time and we are at a defining moment.” UN Secretary General

While this is a global issue, countries like India, because of their large population and high levels of poverty, stand to be disproportionately affected. This point was brought home recently through the Uttarakhand glacial melt which killed 54 people.

Equally, India will be a key partner in the world’s climate change efforts to address the global climate emergency. Despite the demands on energy created by its development aspirations, India is expected to meet two major pledges as part of the Paris agreement on climate change ahead of schedule.

As the world prepares for the UN Climate Summit COP26 later this year, we have invited Aaditya Thackeray, Cabinet Minister in the Government of Maharashtra for Environment and Climate Change, to discuss what India has achieved so far and what should come next.

Aaditya is one of the few political leaders in India who has actively championed climate change initiatives and taken steps to address some of the pressing issues in his state. Early in his tenure, he firmly prefixed development with sustainability, declaring 800 odd acres of land as reserve forest in the heart of urban Mumbai, cancelling work on the Metro car shed that had led to the cutting of thousands of trees, threatening the ecology of and impacting Adivasi settlements in the area.

This wide-ranging discussion will explore:

  • The role that India can and should play in tackling the global climate emergency
  • The role that states within India can play to support or accelerate national efforts
  • How India can balance the need for rapid development with the goal of a sustainable environmental future
  • Developing India’s green finance expertise
  • The role of Indian millennials and urban youth

This interaction will be followed by a research report on this topic, championed by Aaditya, and implemented by our core team and a group of volunteers. If you are a climate change or sustainability student/professional/expert, or have a general interest in the topic but bring forth strong research skills – and are interested in contributing to this research, please write to us at to discuss opportunities for your participation.

Event schedule

13.00: Intro from Sanam Arora (NISAU) & Kamini Gupta (King’s Business School)

13.05: Aaditya Thackeray - Opening remarks

13.15: Moderated discussion with Aaditya Thackeray

13.45: Audience Q&A

14:00: Webinar close

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Kamini Gupta

Lecturer in International Business & Comparative Management (ICBM)

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