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As part of the ‘Age of Health’ series from Global Health and Social Health Medicine, four world-leading experts look back on the last year, its impacts and insights for Global Health and Social Medicine.

We discuss how the Pandemic shone a light on how health outcomes are defined by the social, economic and political structures in which we live. We explore what the Pandemic taught us about health inequalities and whether it marks a moment of real change in how the public and politicians think about society and health.



  • Ash Sarkar, Lecturer, Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam. Contributor to The Guardian, The Independent and Senior editor at Novara Media


  • Professor Michelle E. Morse, Instructor in Medicine and Department of Global Health and Social Medicine Affiliate, Harvard University
  • Professor Barbara Prainsack, Professor for Comparative Policy Analysis, University of Vienna and Professor of Sociology, King's College London. 
  • Professor Anne Pollock, Professor of Global Health and Social Medicine, King’s College London
  • Dr Carlo Caduff, Reader in Global Health and Social Medicine, King's College London

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