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The global economy is witnessing the highest inflation surge in 40 years after the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, the supply chain shock, and more recently the war in Ukraine. What are the determinants of the current inflation surge? What is the impact of high inflation rates on growth models? How do various interest groups aim to influence policies for inflation, and how should the central banks and governments deal with inflation?

Mainstream economics, Keynesian economists, and structuralists offer different perspectives on the causes, effects, and the ways to deal with inflation in advanced economies. Undoubtedly, the high level of inflation poses new challenges for governments, businesses, and households.

This workshop aims to bring together academics and researchers to study the determinants of the inflation surge, its dynamics and impact on the modern economies and societies. We welcome both theoretical and empirical contributions from diverse methodological perspectives, including quantitative and qualitative approaches within the broad theme of inflation.

The topics include, but are not limited to: Determinants and drivers of the inflation; Monetary and fiscal policy, inflation, and growth models; Supply disruptions including energy, commodities, and geopolitical shocks and inflation dynamics; Increasing market power of big corporations and inflationary pressures; Interest groups and policies for inflation; Inflation and its effects on firms, households, and politics; Conventional and unconventional policies to curb inflation; Quantitative easing/tightening, interest rates, and inflation.

The Vice President of the European Central Bank, Luis de Guindos will give a keynote speech in the beginning of the workshop.

Workshop programme...

You can find the full programme for the workshop here.

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Prof Simona Talani

Professor of International Political Economy and Director of the Centre for Italian Politics @ EIS

Dr Konstantinos Myrodias

Lecturer in International Political Economy

Professor of International Political Economy

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