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The Return of Intervention? Industrial Capacity of the State after the Financial Crisis

17 Jun bush house

After seventy years of continuous international market integration and a retreat of the state from its intervening role, policy debates recently revived approaches of the post-war Fordist era. The German, Brazilian and Chinese approaches to export-led growth inspire the rethinking of the benefits of economic management. The debates include extended use of developmental banking, mergers of large banks to generate competitive domestic finance, the picking of national champions, increased tariffs on manufacturing products and tax incentives to forge industrial production. 

This one-day workshop will engage with the question whether we witness a return of industrial strategies. It will examine the nature and sources of industrial strategies and the viability of such approaches in wider structures of global financial markets. Are the new approaches part of a global paradigm shift or is it just another facet of financialised capitalism?


10.00 Coffee and Opening


10:30 – 12:00 Panel 1

Neil Dooley (University of Sussex) The European Periphery and the Eurozone Crisis: Debt-led growth via Europeanisation

Victoria Stadheim (KCL) Portugal in the Eurozone crisis: what role did production play?

12:00 – 13:30 Panel 2

Manolis Kalaitzake (Max Planck Institute of the Study of Societies, Cologne) Soldiers of Fortune: The Big Four as allies of finance

Russell Foster (KCL) From Triumph to Trump: reaffirming the value of falsifiability in domestic US analyses of American world power


14:30 to 16:00 Panel 3

Scott Lavery (SPERI) Global Capitalism and Industrial Transformation: Navigating the Constraints and Opportuntities of the Post-Crash World

Inga Rademacher (KCL) The Industrial Capacity of the German State: Competition Policy in Times of Fiscal Constraints


16:30 to 18:00 Panel 4

Natalya Naqvi (LSE) Developmentalist financial policy after economic globalisation: Post-crisis public development banking and industrial policy in Brazil and South Africa

Jostein Lohr Hauge (Cambridge) Is the African Lion learning from the Asian Tigers? The concept of a developmental state in Ethiopia

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