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Cultural Heritage Network Symposium

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The online symposium brings a diversity of views, expertise, experiences, and institutional affiliations to present, reflect, provoke, and enlarge on the topics of censorship, its impact on cultural heritage, and the ways in which cultural heritage professionals, researchers, and artists deal with, resist, challenge, or undo the effects of censorship across space, time, and cultures.

The dimensions considered here, include cultural, political, aesthetic, and legal aspects of censorship as well as diverse scholarly and creative practices of critical engagement with censorship, such as archival work or filming as a form of reclaiming censored memory, identity, and space.

The presenters and audience will be brought together during a roundtable to consider the paradox of censorship of being suppressive, defacing, mutilating, and yet fostering creative resistance, cultural memory, and social progress while reflecting on the legacies and effects of cultural heritage censorship, both historic and emerging digital forms, on memory, identity, attention, and space.

Gabriele Salciute Civiliene

Ana Jara Huttemann, Manuel Correa, Tianjiao Dai, Jamila Lui 


  • Tim Crook
  • Kamila Kuc
  • Hannah Ishmael
  • Manuel Correa Serrano
  • Daiva Price
  • Lina Kaminskaite
  • Fabio Lattanzi Antinori
  • Paco Barragán
  • Sabrina Qiong Yu
  • Andrea Wallace
  • Lise Jaillant
  • Dara Waldron


12:00 Welcome and Introductions by Gabriele Salciute Civiliene

The way to the visible: art, academia, and censorship

Moderator: Antonina Puchkovskaia

12:15 Fabio Lattanzi Antinori, Language in the Age of Surveillance: Artistic Responses to Digital Commodification and Censorship.

12:30 Paco Barragán, The White Cube Paradox or, How the Museum Exercises Censorship in the 21st Century.

12:45 Andrea Wallace, Free Expression vs Artistic Expressions: When Museums Use Copyright Censor Public Engagement with Heritage Collections.

13.00 Tim Crook, Censorship of Academic Research by State Monopoly Control of Historical Archives and the Failure of The UK's Domestic Legal System to Recognise European Human Rights Law on Freedom of Information for Academic Researchers.


Films in arms. Documentary resilience in the face of censorship

Moderator: Kristen Schuster

13:30 Dara Waldron, The Uncensoring Project: Some Thoughts on Dónal Foreman’s The Image You Missed (2018) in the Context of Censorship and Irish Cultural Heritage.

13:45 Kamila Kuc, Cinematic Alliances/Echoes of Resilience: Performative and Experiential Archiving and Co-Creation of Situated Knowledges

14:00 Manuel Correa, After Silence: Arriving When Memory Has Faded.

14:15 Lina Kaminskaite, Navigating Censorship in Soviet-era Lithuanian Cinema of the 1960s.


Archive, heritage and resilience; reweaving the past in new voices

Moderator: John Lavagnino

14:45 Hanna Ishmael, ‘Silencing the Past’: Archival Destruction as Censorship.

15:00 Manuel Correa Serrano, Stitches of Memory, Our Place in History: Community Reactivation of "Arpilleristas" against Dictatorship in Chile

15:15 Lise Jailllant, Deleting our Past: AI, Archives and Censorship.

15:30 Daiva Price, Suppressed memory. Art Against Silence.

15:45 Sabrina Qiong Yu, Chinese Independent Film Archive: Documenting, Preserving, and Resisting Forgetting.

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