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Silent or Talkies, Soaps or Art House?: Using Film and Media for Enhancing your Language Skills.There is no denying that films can be very effective as language tools and can be used in a traditional, online or hybrid classroom or as part of self-study. However, given an overwhelming amount of film and video production available online, how do we decide what to select for language learning? What genres are best suited for your stage? Do we prioritise visual and aesthetic pleasure or the dialogue? Is the language of silent films really an oxymoron?The workshop will address these questions and will demonstrate hands-on techniques for selecting authentic language material and adapting original Russian films, cartoons and sitcoms for your specific learning goals. While many film-based exercises are traditionally aimed at advanced levels, beginners can also learn how to gain more from watching their favourite films. You can design your own assignments that can range from learning the alphabet to reviewing verbs of motions and practicing job interviews.The workshop will present short excerpts from a variety of Soviet and contemporary Russian films, cartoons and TV series and is suitable for all levels. The convenor, a lecturer at King's MLC, has been using film and media in her language classes for many years. She has also taught a variety of courses in literature and film studies and has a special interest in history of Soviet animation.

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Lyudmila Razumova

Lecturer in Russian (Education)

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