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While we enjoy Spongebob’s cover of Sean Paul and funny generated images of public figures as much as the next person, the speed at which AI has changed the artistic scene has surprised many people.

And it doesn’t just stop with art! We also have AI generating protein structures, music, novel medicines, recipes - the list goes on.

As fun as it may be to relinquish the mental burden of email responses (who needs to engage their brain when you have ChatGPT?), more accessible AI penetrates our lives every day with increasing capabilities and we must ask ourselves, where do we draw the line? Are we at risk of AI making us boring?

Join this session for an open discussion on our future relationship with AI and the consequences of relying on generative technology for our own creativity and initiative.

This event is hosted by Tiarna Lee and Jhanelle White - both PhD students at King's College London, one working in the field of AI and the other who is terrified of her experimental work being replaced with AI predictions.

This project is part of Science Gallery London’s Creative Project Grants programme for local 18 - 25s and King’s Students.


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