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Women Reclaiming AI (WRAI) is a collaborative AI voice assistant and activist art-work, made by a growing community of women, non-binary and genderqueer people. Creating a platform for collective writing and editing the project co-creates an AI that challenges traditional gender roles.

WRAI is a response to the pervasive depiction of AI voice assistants gendered as women; subordinate and serving. Designed by development teams which lack diversity, these systems are embedded with unrepresentative worldviews and stereotyping which reinforce traditional gender roles. The project aims to reclaim women’s voices and personalities in the development of future AI products by empowering women to harness conversational AI as a medium for protest.

In this 90 minute workshop we will discuss the issues of claiming women’s identity in AI, and contribute to the WRAI dataset and chatbot. If you are able to, please bring a laptop. The workshop is for women and gender non-conforming people.

You can speak to the evolving voice assistant at

This project was created in 2018 by Birgitte Aga and Coral Manton in collaboration with the WRAI community of women.

Dr Coral Manton, Senior Lecturer in Creative Computing at Bath Spa University

Dr Caitlin Bentley, Lecturer in AI Education, King’s College London

How to register

In order to attend, you must please register through Eventbrite.

Event details

Bush House (SE)2.01 (South-East Block)
Bush House South East Wing
Strand, London WC2R 1AE