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SELCoH Publications

As papers are published from data collected from the SELCoH study, a brief summary as well as a full link to the article and references will be posted here.


Strawbridge, R., Hodsoll, J., Powell, T.R., Hotopf, M., Hatch, S.L., Breen, G. & Cleare, A.J. (2019). Inflammatory profiles of severe treatment-resistant depression. Journal of Affective Disorders. [Summary] [Full Article]

Duncko, R., Fischer, S., Hatch, S. L., Frissa, S., Goodwin, L., Papadopoulos, A., Cleare, A. J. & Hotopf, M. (2019). Recurrence of depression in relation to history of childhood trauma and hair cortisol concentration in a community-based sample. Neuropsychbiology. [Full Article]

Palmos, A. B., Watson, S., Hughes, T., Finkelmeyer, A., McAllister-Williams, R. H., Ferrier, N., Anderson, I. M., Nair, R., Young, A. H., Strawbridge, R., Cleare, A. J., Chung, R., Frissa, S., Goodwin, L., Hotopf, M., Hatch, S. L., Wang, H., Collier, D. A., Thuret, S., Breen, G. & Powell, T. R. (2019). Associations between childhood maltreatment and inflammatory markers. BJPsych Open. [Full Article]



Bhavsar, V., Dean, K., Hatch, S. L., MacCabe, J. H., & Hotopf, M. (2018). Psychiatric symptoms and risk of victimisation: a population-based study from Southeast London. Epidemiology and psychiatric sciences, 1-11. [Summary]   [Full Article]

Gunasinghe, C. M., Gazard, B., Harber-Aschan, L., MacCrimmon, S., Hotopf, M. H. & Hatch, S. L. (2018). Debt, common mental disorders and mental health service use. Journal of Mental Health. [Full Article]

Harber-Aschan, L., Hotopf, M., Brown, J.S.L., Henderson, M. & Hatch, S.L. (2018) Longitudinal patterns of mental health service utilisation by those with mental-physical comorbidity in the community. Journal of Psychosomatic Research. [Full Article]

Palmos, A., Breen, G., Goodwin, L., Frissa, S., Hatch, S., Hotopf, M., Thuret, S. Lewis, C. & Powell, T. R. (2018). Genetic risk for psychiatric disorders and telomere length. Frontiers in Genetics9, 468.  [Summary] [Full Article]

Pisoni, A., Strawbridge, R., Hodsoll, J., Powell, T. R., Breen, G., Hatch, S., Hotopf, M., Young, A. H. & Cleare, A. J. (2018). Growth Factor Proteins and Treatment-Resistant Depression: A Place on the Path to Precision. Frontiers in psychiatry9[Summary]   [Full Article]



Bhavsar, V., Boydell, J., McGuire, P., Harris, V., Hotopf, M., Hatch, S.L., MacCabe, J.H., & Morgan, C. (2017). Childhood abuse and psychotic experiences – evidence for mediation by adulthood adverse life events. Epidemiology and Psychiatric Sciences. 1-10.  [Summary]  [Full Article]

Bhavsar, V., Fusar-Poli, P., McGuire, P. (2017) Neighbourhood deprivation is positively associated with detection of the ultra-high risk (UHR) state for psychosis in South East London. Schizophrenia Research.  [Summary]  [Full Article]

Bhavsar, V., Jauhar, S., Murray, R., Hotopf, M., Hatch, S.L., McNeill, A., Boydell, J., & MacCabe, J. (2017). Tobacco smoking is associated with psychotic experiences in the general population of South London. Psychological Medicine, 1-9. [Summary]  [Full Article]

Bhavsar, V., Maccabe, J. H., Hatch, S. L., Hotopf, M., Boydell, J., McGuire, P. (2017). Subclinical psychotic experiences and subsequent contact with mental health services. British Journal of Psychiatry Open, 3(2), 64-70. [Summary] [Full Article] 

Bhavsar, V., Hotopf, M., Boydell, J., Hatch, S. & SELCoH Investigators. Unemployment and the rate of new contacts with mental health services in South London. European Psychiatry, 33, S173-S174. [Summary] [Full Article]

Fischer, S., Duncko, R., Hatch, S. L., Papadopoulos, A., Goodwin, L., Frissa, S., Hotopf, M. & Cleare, A. J. (2017). Sociodemographic, lifestyle and psychosocial determinants of hair cortisol in a South London community sample. Psychoneuroendocrinology, 17, 144-153. [Summary] [Full Article]

Goodwin, L., Gazard, B., Aschan, L., MacCrimmon, S., Hotopf, M. & Hatch, S. L. (2017). Taking an intersectional approach to define latent classes of socioeconomic status, ethnicity and migration status for psychiatric epidemiological research. Epidemiology and Psychiatric Sciences, 1-12. [Summary] [Full Article]

Harvey, S. B., Wang, M. J., Dorrington, S., Henderson, M., Madan, I., Hatch, S. L., & Hotopf, M. (2017). NIPSA: a new scale for measuring non-illness predictors of sickness absence. Occup Environ Med75(2), 98-104.  [Summary]  [Full Article]

Michalek, J. E., Kepa, A., Vincent, J., Frissa, S., Goodwin, L., Hotopf, M., Hatch, S. L., Breen, G. & Powell, T. R. (2017). Genetic predisposition to advanced biological ageing increases risk for childhood-onset recurrent major depressive disorder in a large UK sample. Journal of Affective Disorders. [Summary] [Full Article] 

Schofield, P. (2017). Big data in mental health research - do the ns justify the means? Using large data-sets of electronic health records for mental health research. Editorial - BJ Psych Bulletin. [Summary] [Full Article]

Vincent, J., Hovatta, I., Frissa, S., Goodwin, L., Hotopf, M., Hatch, S. L., Breen, G., Powell & T. R. (2017). Assessing the contributions of childhood maltreatment subtypes and depression case-control status on telomere length reveals a specific role of physical neglect. Journal of Affective Disorders, 213, 16-22. [Summary] [Full Article]



Frissa S., Hatch S.L., Fear N.T., Dorrington S., Goodwin L. & Hotopf M. (2016). Challenges in the retrospective assessment of trauma: comparing a checklist approach to a single item trauma experience screening question. BMC Psychiatry, 16:20.  [Summary] [Full Article]

Hatch S.L., Gazard B., Williams D.R., Frissa S., Goodwin L., SELCoH Study Team & Hotopf M. (2016). Discrimination and common mental disorder among migrant and ethnic groups: findings from a South East London Community sample. Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology, 51(5), 689-701. [Summary]  [Full Article]

Mollon, J., David, A. S. & Morgan, C. (2016). Psychotic experiences and neuropsychological functioning in a population-based sample. JAMA Psychiatry, 73(2): 129-138. [Summary] [Full Article]

Schofield, P., Das-Munshi, J., Becares, L., Morgan, C., Bhavsar, V. G. K., Hotopf, M. H., & Hatch, S. L. (2016). Minority Status and Mental Distress – a comparison of group density effects. Psychological medicine. [Summary]  [Full Article]

Solmi F., Hotopf M., Hatch S.L., Treasure J., Micali N. (2016). Eating disorders in a multi-ethnic inner-city UK sample: prevalence, comorbidity and service use. Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology, 51(3), 369-381. [Summary]  [Full Article]

Woodhead C., Gazard B., Hotopf M., Rahman Q., Rimes K.A., Hatch S.L.(2015). Mental health among UK inner city non-heterosexuals: the role of risk factors, protective factors and place. Epidemiology and Psychiatric Sciences. [Summary] [Full Article]



Fok M., Seegobin S., Frissa S., Hatch S.L., Hotopf M., Hayes R.D., Moran P. (2015). Validation of the standardised assessment of personality – abbreviated scale in a general population sample. Personality and Mental Health, 9(4), 250–257. [Summary]  [Full Article]

Mollon J., David A.S., Morgan C., Frissa S., Glahn D., Pilecka I., Hatch S.L., Hotopf M., Reichenberg A.(2015). Psychotic Experiences and Neuropsychological Functioning in a Population-based Sample. JAMA Psychiatry. [Summary]  [Full Article]

Savage H., Murray J., Hatch S.L., Hotopf M., Evans-Lacko S., Brown J.S. (2015). Exploring Professional Help-Seeking for Mental Disorders. Qualitative Health Research. [Summary]  [Full Article]

Smyth, N., Siriwardhana, C., Hotopf, M., & Hatch, S. (2014). Social networks, social support and psychiatric symptoms: social determinants and associations within a multicultural community population. Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology, 1-10. [Summary]  [Full Article]

Solmi, F., Hatch, S. L., Hotopf, M., Treasure, J., & Micali, N. (2015). Validation of the SCOFF questionnaire for eating disorders in a multiethnic general population sample. International Journal of Eating Disorders, 48(3), 312-316. [Summary]  [Full Article]



Brown, J., Evans-Lacko, S., Aschan, L., Henderson, M., Hatch, S., & Hotopf, M. (2014). Seeking informal and formal help for mental health problems in the community: a secondary analysis from a psychiatric morbidity survey in South London. BMC Psychiatry, 14(1), 1-15. [Summary]  [Full Article]

Brown, J. S. L., Ferner, H., Wingrove, J., Aschan, L., Hatch, S. L., & Hotopf, M. (2014). How equitable are psychological therapy services in South East London now? A comparison of referrals to a new psychological therapy service with participants in a psychiatric morbidity survey in the same London borough. Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology, 49(12), 1893-1902. [Summary]  [Full Article]

Gazard, B., Frissa, S., Nellums, L., Hotopf, M., & Hatch, S. L. (2014). Challenges in researching migration status, health and health service use: an intersectional analysis of a South London community. Ethnicity & Health, 1-30. [Summary]  [Full Article]

Kadra, G., Dean, K., Hotopf, M., & Hatch, S. (2014). Investigating Exposure to Violence and Mental Health in a Diverse Urban Community Sample: Data from the South East London Community Health (SELCoH) Survey. PloS one, 9(4). [Summary]  [Full Article]

Morgan, C., Reininghaus, U., Reichenberg, A., Frissa, S., Hotopf, M., & Hatch, S. L. (2014). Adversity, cannabis use and psychotic experiences: evidence of cumulative and synergistic effects. [10.1192/]. The British Journal of Psychiatry, 204(5), 346-353. [Summary]  [Full Article]

Polling, C., Khondoker, M., Hatch, S. L., & Hotopf, M. (2014). Influence of perceived and actual neighbourhood disorder on common mental illness. Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology, 49(6), 889-901. [Summary]  [Full Article]

Solmi, F., Hatch, S. L., Hotopf, M., Treasure, J., & Micali, N. (2014). Prevalence and correlates of disordered eating in a general population sample: the South East London Community Health (SELCoH) study. Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology, 49(8), 1335-1346. [Summary]  [Full Article]



Aschan, L., Goodwin, L., Cross, S., Moran, P., Hotopf, M., & Hatch, S. L. (2013). Suicidal behaviours in South East London: Prevalence, risk factors and the role of socio-economic status. Journal of Affective Disorders, 150(2), 441-449.   [Summary]  [Full Article]

Carter, J. L., Strang, J., Frissa, S., Hayes, R. D., Team, S. E. S., Hatch, S. L., & Hotopf, M. (2013). Comparisons of polydrug use at national and inner city levels in England: associations with demographic and socioeconomic factors. Annals of Epidemiology, 23(10), 636-645.  [Summary[Full Article]

Fok, M., Hotopf, M., Stewart, R., Hatch, S., Hayes, R., & Moran, P. (2013). Personality disorder and self-rated health: a population-based cross-sectional survey. Journal of Personality Disorders, 28(3), 319-333.  [Summary]  [Full Article]

Frissa, S., Hatch, S., Gazard, B., Fear, N., & Hotopf, M. (2013). Trauma and current symptoms of PTSD in a South East London community. Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology, 48(8), 1199-1209. [ Summary]  [Full Article]

Nordsletten, A., de la Cruz, L. F., Pertusa, A., Reichenberg, A., Hatch, S., & Mataix-Cols, D. (2013). The structured interview for hoarding disorder (SIHD): Development, usage and further validation. Journal of Obsessive-Compulsive and Related Disorders, 2(3), 346-350.  [Summary]  [Full Article]

Nordsletten, A. E., Reichenberg, A., Hatch, S. L., Fernandez de la Cruz, L., Pertusa, A., Hotopf, M., & Mataix-Cols, D. (2013). Epidemiology of hoarding disorder. [Research Support, Non-U.S. Gov't]. British Journal of Psychiatry, 203(6), 445-452.  [Summary]  [Full Article]



Fahmy, V., Hatch, S. L., Hotopf, M., & Stewart, R. (2012). Prevalences of illicit drug use in people aged 50 years and over from two surveys. Age and Ageing, 41(4), 553-556.    [Summary]  [Full Article]

Hatch, S. L., Woodhead, C., Frissa, S., Fear, N. T., Verdecchia, M., Stewart, R., McManus, S. (2012). Importance of thinking locally for mental health: data from cross-sectional surveys representing South East London and England. PloS one, 7(12),  [Summary]  [Full Article]



Hatch, S. L., Frissa, S., Verdecchia, M., Stewart, R., Fear, N. T., Reichenberg, A., Hotopf, M. (2011). Identifying socio-demographic and socioeconomic determinants of health inequalities in a diverse London community: the South East London Community Health (SELCoH) study. BMC Public Health, 11, 861.  [ Summary]  [Full Article]








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