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About your personal information

This job site stores your profile information when you log in to the job site using LinkedIn/Facebook/Google, apply for jobs, subscribe to job alerts or join Talent communities. We automatically delete all data relating to applicants and the vacancies they have applied to after six months of the vacancies closing. 

However, if you would like to view or delete your data before the six-month period, you can submit a request on this page. Please note that a request to delete will remove all your details from both the job website and our applicant tracking system, including any active job applications you may have. Any subscriptions you have made on the job site will also be removed.

To submit the request, you need to provide your email address and complete email verification. We will review and respond to all requests within 30 days.  

To request to view, download and delete your personal information proceed by filling out the form below. This workflow applies to EU data subjects only.​​​​​​​

Manage your personal information