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06 April 2020

Have a stressbusting singalong with Make Do Play weekly challenges

Amy Brown, Projects Manager - Student Engagement, Culture

Make Do Play encourages staff and students in the #KingsCulturalCommunity to take part in creative activities for their wellbeing.

Mixed group of people singing in a choir

Make Do Play is an annual programme which encourages staff and students in the #KingsCulturalCommunity to take part in creative activities for their wellbeing. With many people spending increasingly more time at home, physically distanced or in isolation, keeping active, connected and stimulated is high on everyone's agenda. While in-person activities may have stopped for the time being, our regular creative prompts are still carrying on, challenging the #KingsCulturalCommunity to take time out during the week to engage in creative activities. Prompts are designed for staff and students of all abilities, and can be done with regular household items, so why not have a go at our most recent prompt below, and sign up to receive future ideas.

Stressbusting Singalong 📣 🎶

Singing is a great stress reliever and at a time when the quiet might be unnerving for some people, it’s a great time to break the silence with some song. This is a very simple prompt all about having fun and being joyful.

Prompt Ingredients: Yourself, music player, some tunes

1) Choose one or two of your favourite upbeat songs and get them cued up on your music player.

2)  Take three deep breaths to fill your lungs. Start the music playing nice and loud and then, let rip. Sing along at the top of your lungs – try and sing the whole song, not just the chorus – maybe even have a dance too. You might want to warn any housemates in advance, or get them to join in, collective singing is even more fun! 

 If you feel shy – why not sing in the shower (the tiles help everyone sound great) – or turn up the volume! Remember it’s not about how you sound but enjoying the song and making music.

3) How did it feel to sing out loud? Did you remember all the words, or realise you didn’t know the song as well as you thought? Were you self-conscious or did you manage to lose yourself in the music? 

Stretch Prompt

Why not join an online choir like the Great British home Chorus, which is being led by famous choirmaster Gareth Malone; Nest Collective's virtual Fire Choirl or sing along to 'Anytime you need a friend' with the Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Choir

We would love to hear about your favourite sing-along songs. Please share with @CulturalKings on Twitter or Instagram under #MakeDoPlay

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