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12 January 2018

2017's top 10 posts to Defence-in-depth blog announced

2017's top 10 posts to Defence-in-depth blog announced, winners were DSD Matt Uttley and Andrew Dorman

A laptop, tablet computer, camera and pen
A laptop, tablet computer, camera and pen

Posted on 12/01/2018

Defence-in-Depth is the highly successful research blog of the Defence Studies Department, King’s College London, offering in-depth contemporary and historical analysis of the issues behind defence. Defence-in-Depth showcases the latest research conducted by members of the department and guests, offers unique comment and analysis on news and events that dominate defence, as well as commentary on issues within professional military education. It also offers articles that explore the historical background to many of these topics, as well as subjects relevant to the world around us today.

At the end of each calendar year a panel get together and decide on the top 10 blogs during the year.

For 2017 the winners are:

1st        Congratulations to Professors Matt Uttley and Andrew Dorman for their post  '2017: The Year of the Royal Navy: time to get real?'

2nd      Dr Chris Tuck for 'Hybrid War: The Perfect Enemy'

3rd       Dr Jonathan Boff, University of Birmingham for 'When Learning Goes Bad'

4th       Dr Rod Thornton for 'Today's Russian Navy taking the asymmetric route - with caveats'

5th       Dr Rod Thornton for 'The Russian military’s view on the utility of force: the adoption of a strategy of non-violent asymmetric warfare'

6th       Hannah Smyth (@hannahmsmyth), DPhil student at University of Oxford for 'The New National Army Museum: A Review'

7th       Dr Tim Benbow for 'The Operational level of war and maritime forces'

8th       Commander Kevin Rowlands (@c21st_sailor) for 'The return of Gorshkov and the New Cold War at sea'

9th       Dr Huw Davies for 'Using Military History: Doctrine as an Analytical Tool for Historical Campaigns'

10th     Dr James Pugh (@Psy_Historian), University of Birmingham for 'Amphetamines and the Second World War: Stimulating Interest in Drugs and Warfare'

Congratulations to our winners and thank you to all those who submitted posts, the blog has consistently increased its reach and continues to do so. in 2017 it has seen around 120,000 views this year, a new record. This has been achieved through a growing frequency of post contributions.  

If you'd like to submit a post for 2018 please contact Dr Ben Kienzle or Dr David Morgan-Owen

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