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02 October 2017

A summer well spent: Students intern at leading legal institutions

This summer four LLM students undertook internships at leading legal institutions.


This summer four LLM students undertook internships at leading legal institutions.

A pilot project, the internships took place at REDRESS and Temple Garden Chambers, with the aim to enhance learning opportunities and broaden student’s horizons.

Students Arabella Khara and Elif Gurdogan worked at REDRESS, a leading human rights NGO base in London and The Hague. Inès Schapira and Macarena Obiglio worked with Karim A. A. Khan QC and Rodney Dixon QC at Temple Garden Chambers.

In these roles, the students contributed to legal research on issues as diverse as looking at the laws and procedure on torture evidence in multiple countries, attending civil and criminal court hearing in the UK and the Netherlands, comparing the case law on religious objects in public spaces and examining the use of NGO reports in international criminal litigation.

The internships were a part of our Transnational Law Pathway and generously supported by the Law Circle Fund. All students had completed our LLM course on ‘Transnational and International Criminal Law’ run by Dr Nicola Palmer, giving them the academic grounding to get the most out of their placements. 

Reflecting on her time at REDRESS Arabella Khara said “I have found myself very engaged with the staff, and have fitted in nicely at the organisation”

“I found it very easy to liaise with other professions within REDRESS about my project, and also the work they are undertaking, and found it very enjoyable at lunch time discussing torture, trafficking and other interesting areas.”

“I have been able to put to use some of my legal knowledge I gained on my Transnational degree and have made use of the King’s library…in writing my project.”

Inès Schapira described her internship as “a mind-broadening experience which allowed me to get a very interesting insight into the daily work of a London-based barrister specialised in international criminal law.”

The School of Law is working to enhance and widen these opportunities in order to complement other valuable career offerings such as our Fellowship at the Permanent Court of Arbitration in the Hague and our PhD internships supported by the Dickson Poon gift.