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30 April 2024

Academic provides expert insight to government commission

A King’s College London academic was invited to provide expert insight into key foreign policy and security responses by the German government and offer his recommendations for change.


Professor Christoph Meyer appeared before the Afghanistan Study Commission (Enquete) on 22 April and was asked for his reflections on the topic of ‘early crisis detection and error handling culture in foreign and security policy engagement’.

The study commission was set up by the current German parliament to investigate the German contribution to the 20-year Afghanistan mission that came to an end in 2021. It is currently in the second phase of looking at the broader lessons for ministries and committees with regard to future missions and foreign, security and defence policy. This is the first dedicated Enquete on a foreign and security policy topic in the history of the German federal republic.

Prof Meyer spoke to commission members in detail about the strengths and weaknesses and lessons to learned from Germany’s handling of Russia's annexation of Crimea in 2013/14 and what Germany can learn from the UK. Prof Meyer was also asked for his recommendations for change.

After a 15-minute remote presentation, Prof Meyer, from the Department of European and International Studies, answered questions from members for 45 minutes. The hearing took place in the Bundestag and was live-streamed publicly.


You can find Prof Meyer’s written submissions to the committee, and a video of his presentation to members, at the link here: Early crisis detection in foreign and security policy.

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